Airport Meet & Greet

We specialise in providing a service for business and holiday travellers helping to ensure their journeys to and from the airports and sea-ports are free from problems.

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We are aware of how stressful flying can be, especially with departures where you must arrive in plenty of time for flights.

We will help you plan your journey to and from the airport and try to minimise some of the concerns you may have about making that flight and getting home at the end of your journey.

When you book us for your outward journey, we will ask for your scheduled departure time so that we can suggest to you when you should be picked up by the taxi for the journey to the Airport.

For your return journey, we will need your flight number and scheduled arrival time so that we are able to monitor your flight for any delays.

If your flight is delayed, the driver will be aware of this before setting off to collect you.

The driver will usually aim to be at the Terminal 15 minutes after expected landing time for European flights and 30 minutes after landing for inter-continental flights, unless you specify otherwise. This is to allow you time to clear customs, passport control, and to collect your luggage.

They will wait for your arrival at the Airport Information Desk holding a sign displaying your name.

Once you have made contact with your driver, they will help take your luggage to the taxi and then drive you to your destination.

Alternatively, if you are happy to give us your mobile telephone number prior to your flight, we can call you or Text you and direct you to the Taxi Pick Up point, which may help to avoid parking costs.

If we have had to park the taxi in order to meet you and direct you to the taxi, we will include the car parking fee in the taxi fare.